Mick Halliburton


Growth and transformation take place in AND out of the gym, every day of our lives. And Mick ventures along many avenues to keep his body and mind growing.

Trainer Introduction

Mick’s trainer was an awesome man named Quint who told him that he should look into becoming a trainer himself. With a newfound love for weight-training, Mick became certified Fall 2007. When he moved back to his hometown of Indy, Mick did not feel comfortable in the ordinary gym-setting as a trainer. The fitness centers he looked into seemed to find more importance in simply “selling” the training sessions, rather than actually focusing their attention on the individuals. So personal training took a backseat for several years.

In May of 2015, Mick reached out to Adam Cayce because he wished to pack on more muscle mass. With Adam’s business thriving and a friendship soon solidified, Adam asked Mick if he would like to join him in training clients. The decision was easy, and as of May 2016, Mick joined ARC as a personal trainer, making many wonderful memories and forming fantastic friendships throughout the journey.

In addition to weight-training, Mick has been a CrossFit athlete since February 2013. He’s found a great middle-ground between the two fitness worlds, and he enjoys incorporating CrossFit workouts ~ constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity ~ into his training regimen with ARC clients. With all of these creative juices flowing, Mick has witnessed constant growth and constant transformation ~ within the clients AND himself! So many people have changed their lives ~ physically, mentally, emotionally ~ within the ARC community. It is one thrilling experience after another for Mick to be a part of these improvements, and every day he walks into ARC “GYM” with a smile on his face!

Outside of the gym, you can find Mick testing his acting chops in a stage production or a local independent film; rubbing elbows with celebrities at horror film conventions; and putting his own stories to paper.