Jamie Bowen


Mindset is everything and our trainer, Jamie Bowen, believes in just that. Changing the outlook of her client’s lives, Jamie continues to teach that if you don’t allow negativity to rule — you can make anything happen.

Trainer Introduction

Jamie has been training with ARC for over two years.  Launching her passion for fitness/ bodybuilding she began training as an NPC athlete in 2017, earning first in her class in 2018, and successfully coaching a bikini client to her first, first place NPC title.

With a background as US ARMY Vet and working as a lead educator for an experiential wilderness school – Jamie understands that the mindset necessary for growth goes hand in hand with having proper coaching/ mentorship.

As a Health/ Lifestyle Coach and Personal Trainer Jamie prioritizes meeting the individuals needs, setting attainable goals, identifying behaviors, reinforcing healthy thought patterns and attaining measurable outcomes to create lasting habits for her clients.