Adam Cayce


The man, the myth, the legend: Adam’s unique style of training combine self love and healthy body image, along with a sense of community- which is what ARC is all about. He is the owner of ARC Fitness and ARC GYM.

Trainer Introduction

Adam Cayce started pursuing his career in the fitness industry when he was hired at Cardinal Fitness. Hired as front desk and management, Adam really discovered his passion for personal training when he began training members and was inspired by the results they were getting.

Adam wanted to change lives, not only in the gym, but also outside of it; becoming someone that his clients could trust was the number 1 priority for him. What made him want to start his own business was the simple fact that he didn’t want to lose his clients to “corporate gyms” where they’d just become a number, rather than a person.

Owner of ARC Fitness, Adam opened ARC GYM in the spring of 2018. And in the summer of 2019, Adam will be heading out to the big stage to earn his pro card as a Classic Physique Athlete. He specializes in lifestyle changes, weight loss, mindset, and nutritional education.