Constance Whitley

“I have worked with Adam less than a year and I have come a long way. I had had a trainer for six years and I was working out six days a week, a couple hours a day. I was not happy with the way I looked. When I started with Adam he set up a nutritional plan and I started eating for the first time in my life. I now know I was not eating enough food and I learned to trust that food was not my enemy. Adam gave me the guidance, and the belief that food was good for me and essential to my health and well being. I trusted him, started training with him and the results speak for themselves. Adam not only trains and coaches for a living it is his true passion. He cares about his clients and if you put in the work, and listen and trust him you too can have great results. I have learned to love the journey and know I am becoming the most fit I can be. The ARC family is amazing. The most caring, encouraging group of people you can surround yourself with. I’ve gone to five other gyms and the family we have at ARC is truly the best.”