30 days to change your life. Introduced by CPT Adam Cayce, the ARC30 is a 30 day challenge with a purpose. Changing your eating habits and adding in some sort of physical activity each day, we promise that you will see results; whether it’s just toning or wanting to lose inches, you’ll see results. With hard work and determination, the ARC30 is the perfect fit for those who are wanting to change their lifestyle.


By purchasing a product from Juice+, you’ll be placed into the challenge! For 30 days, you commit to no bread, no booze, no sweets, no dairy, and no soda! You’ll be placed on a team (randomly chosen)  with a team leader to which you gain points by posting in the 30 day challenge Facebook page– connecting with others who are wanting a change as well. At the end of the challenge, each inch you lose goes to your points. The first, second, and third place winners will win a CASH PRIZE!

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